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Pilot Project

Project Supervisors: Frau Landwehr, Herr Dr. Steck

A pilot project will explore possibilities for conserving energy at several institutes of the University of Freiburg. By providing financial incentives, energy protection tips, energy measurement devices and intensive advising, the project aims to initiate changes in behavior which lead to energy protection at the participating institutes. 

The following pilot project will be carried out with the pilot institutes (Biology 1, Gustav Mie House, Engelbergerstraße):

The average energy consumption (not costs) of the institute will be calculated using data from the years 2003 - 2005 and are used as the basis for its average yearly energy needs, thus minimizing the influence of fluctuations in temperature and other climactic factors from year to year. Starting in July 2006, the institutes will be able to save energy through improved energy-consumption behavior. The model will not be able to take into account the influence of changes in consumption resulting from technical (new heating or electrical systems) or other organizational (partial shutdowns or vacant professorships) factors.

If there are several energy consumers within a single building, the average consumption will be estimated by dividing up the surface area of the building between the users.

The users will be supported in this project by the “Sustainable University” Work Group. They will also receive the opportunity to borrow instruments for measuring the power consumption of individual devices. The standby costs of computer equipment used by the institutes will be measured and calculated in order to determine whether a significant amount of energy can be saved in this area

After a year, the energy-consumption behavior will be evaluated and institutes whose energy consumption has improved will be awarded a bonus corresponding to the amount of energy they have saved. The reference value of the last three years will be used as the basis for calculating the bonus.

If institutes situated in other buildings decide to take part in the pilot project later on, their reference value will be set according to their energy consumption in the same period; consumption figures for years after 2005 will not be taken into account in setting their budget. Thus, institutes who are not yet taking part in the project already have an incentive for saving energy today.

  • click here for energy-saving tips.
  • for a list of energy-consumption data for computer equipment, click here.

The data used to calculate the bonuses is protected by password and may only be viewed by the institutes participating in the pilot project.

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