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Recycled Paper

Project supervisor: Ms. Grethler

On the initiative of the committee for environmental protection and supported by an intern of Prof. Oesten, the University of Freiburg has introduced recycled paper in all departments. The paper chosen is a 90 gram white paper whose manufacture is more ecologically advantageous than paper made from fresh fibers. This paper has been awarded the Blue Angel, meaning that it meets all ecological and technical specifications for use in printers and copiers. The paper is suitable for archiving. Extensive tests have also shown that the paper is the first recycled paper suited for use in the University Reproduction Center. The paper is also economical: Because it`s cheaper than paper from fresh fibers.

The aim of the project is to implement the principle of sustainability referred to in the strategic paper of the university. As a sustainable university, we should use as much recycled paper as we submit for the manufacture of recycled paper. The use of recycled paper is now a university-wide requirement.

The proportion of recycled paper used at the university rose from 6.15% in March 2006 to 57.1% for the entire year of 2006. We are anticipating an even higher proportion for 2007.

Click here to view the official university circular “Choice of Paper at the Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg”.

For a technical data sheet on recycled paper, click here.
An order form for paper (PDF) may be found here.

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