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Recycling Toner and Ink Cartridges

Project supervisors: Mr. Wiemann, Dr. Steck


Collection for Charity


Cheque handover

On August 2, 2011 a donation of 1410 could be handed over to the "Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder e.V. Freiburg i. Br. (initiative for children sufering from cancer in Freiburg). The work group thanks all members of the University, who have contributed to this amazing performance.
Of course we hope that as many institutions as possible will continue to support us.

The current state

Unfortunately one can note an intensive decline in the price for used/empty toner and ink cartridges from office printers. At the same time the costs for foreign and extraneous materials have severly increased for the collection at collection points so that either one has to sort once again with an disproportional effort or in many cases there occur further costs for the disposal of the collection boxes. Against this background, the so far successful project needs to be modified in some points, so that there will be the possibility to achieve a positive outcome for the benefit of the German Agro Action.

The Objects:

Only used / empty toner and ink cartridges from office printers
 (not from copying machines)
All other acceptable devicesare listed further down.
Changes in the list will be pointed out in the "news" section.
Please note: Only toner and ink cartridges that are listed are acceptable for collection
All other
toner and ink cartridges either go into the gray bin or they may be taken back by the producer at no charge (original packaging required).

The Objectives:

Collection for the purpose of refilling or proper disposal. Empty toner cartridges are prepared for reuse and refilled – this saves resources. A refund is rewarded for all refillable cartridges. The administrative board has agreed that proceeds from this refund should be donated to the German Agro Action (Welthungerhilfe).


Department of Environmental Protection, Albertstr. 23c, 0761-203- 7980


The so far established collection points at the University will be closed.
The listed toner and in cartridges (single and in original packaging) can be send to the Department of Environmental Protection by internal mail.
For mail please use the original packaging at hand when changing toner or ink cartridges.
please put toner and ink cartridges without original packaging in the gray bin.
Please contact the Department of Environmental Protection if you have futher questions
: 203-7980, e- mail: kontakt@umweltschutz.uni- freiburg.de




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