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Sustainability at the University of Freiburg: From the Idea Contest to the Pilot Composting Project


The digital workshop on Sustainability at the University of Freiburg: From the Idea Contest to the Pilot Composting Project took place on June 10. As part of the waste prevention idea contest and based on the ideas from students, the Department of  Safety, Environment and Sustainability (SUN2) at the University of Freiburg and the Studierendenwerk Freiburg (SWFR) are launching a pilot project for composting on campus and on the grounds of the student dormitories. The head of the SUN2 department, Dr. Jürgen Steck, first spoke about his experiences with bio-waste management and presented the pilot project. Then Gernot Kist from SWFR presented the progress on other project ideas from the idea contest.


Two composters will be placed at the dormitories at the Faculty of Technology and at the building Herderbau of the Faculty for Environment and Natural Resources. The SUN2 staff will conduct a weekly check of the composters, but enthusiastic volunteers are also needed to check the composters every 2,3 days and to be available as contact persons for the users and the staff. The composter at the Technical Faculty will be maintained by the campus residence hall garden tutors and garden enthusiasts. We are still looking for assistance for the composter at the Herderbau Building. If you are studying or working at the Faculty for Environment and Natural Resources, want this project to be realised and are willing to get involved, contact us:


 Workshop Kompostierung

Other Projects:


Organic Waste: In the next two to three years, an underground pilot project for organic waste collection is planned for the Student dormitory StuSie. Previous attempts for the collection of organic waste failed in the residence halls due to rat problems.


Wash stations: A pilot project is being planned at StuSie to reduce plastic waste through integrated liquid laundry detergent. If implemented successfully, an expansion of the project is conceivable.


Workshops: Another workshop for students on waste separation and waste reduction with experts is planned.


Mensa (and To-Go): All visitors to the university canteens can bring their own containers for serving food. Reusable containers are available at the canteen service point. The Mensa has set a goal of 50% regional purchased products starting in 2025, as well as more vegan and vegetarian options.


Free pick-up store and food sharing shelfs: A free pick-up store already exists in the Händelwohnheim, and an introduction in the StuSie is planned. Students can bring the items they no longer need and others who need such items can pick them up for free. There is also a food sharing shelf in the Händelwohnheim and it works well. In the student dormitory StuSie, a food sharing shelf for the entire district of Betzenhausen will be set up in cooperation with the SwFr in the near future.