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Composting Workshop on the 23. May at 4 pm

What was introduced as an idea by students has become a pilot project: It all started with the idea from students for organic composters at student dormitories in the context of the idea contest of the Working Group Sustainable University 2021. Students were dissatisfied with the waste separation situation in the dormitories and throught of this as a great opportunity for organic waste to be reused as compost in the garden there. With the support of the Department of Environment and Sustainability (SUN2), composters were placed at three locations at the University of Freiburg and SWFR - at the campus dormitory Technical Faculty, at Herderbau, and at the university childcare center Zaubergarten.

The project thrives on people who are committed to it and who reliably accompany the use of the composters with their energy. Only in this way can composting function and be continued. We will learn the necessary know-how in a workshop at the Ökostation Freiburg, so that everyone receives the necessary background and practical knowledge about compost. In this way we will inspire many to use and take care of the composters!

Specifically, we will be talking about compost as a living organism, how to properly set up and care for compost, and how the rapid composter works. Please wear weatherproof clothing.

"How To Compost" workshop on the 23. May at 4pm (approximately 1 hour), organic garden at the Ökostation. The workshop will take place in German.

Participation is free and open to all.  Since attendance is limited, please register at .

If you study or work at Faculty for Environment and Natural Resources or live at the campus dormitory Technical Faculty and want this project to be realized and are willing to get involved, contact us. We are looking for more users and supervisors of the composters. 

Composting Workshop