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Energy-saving thermometers for all employees

The University of Freiburg distributes energy-saving thermometers to all employees.


The thermometers should enable employees to regulate room temperature independently where possible, thus contributing to the responsible use of resources.

One degree lower room temperature saves around 6 % energy. Individual action thus makes a big difference and contributes substantially to the success of the joint energy-saving measures, especially in terms of sustainability.

Distribution: The thermometers will be distributed through the university mail to all university departments. Please distribute the thermometers to all employees when you receive them. The  distribution may take some time. If you have not received any thermometers by December 1, 2022, please contact:


Sustainable use


The temperature is displayed in two-degree intervals from 14 to 34 degrees; odd values can also be read: For example, if 22 and 24 light up simultaneously on the thermometer strip, that means a room temperature of 23 degrees. The value 19 degrees, which is important for the coming winter months, is displayed explicitly, which supports the uncomplicated and intuitive use and makes it clear that even this one degree less room temperature makes an important contribution. The thermometer will also be helpful in the warmer months and can therefore be used in the long term. The paper thermometer is of course not a scientifically accurate measuring instrument and is intended only as a guide for employees. Small deviations may occur, especially depending on whether it is placed on cold or warm surfaces.



Contact person for questions regarding the thermometers:

Sustainable University Work Group | Lora Gyuzeleva, Sustainability Manager

Thermometer box

Photo: Sustainable University Work Group