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Auctions for lost and unclaimed bikes


The University of Freiburg regularly holds bicycles auctions to give the lost and abandoned bikes on the university campus a chance to be reused instead of directly disposing of them. The next bike auction will take place on the 13.10.2021. The first bicycle auction in a long time took place in November 2019, where 26 lost bikes found new owners. On 22.07.2020, a second auction for lost bikes took place. Of 84 bicycles, 40 were sold to university members. The remaining bicycles were disposed of.


Bikes that have not been in use for a long time are collected from the bicycle racks. The bicycles are marked for at least two weeks. If the bicycles have not been moved and still have the markings, they are removed. All identification numbers of the bicycles are given to the police to make sure that they have not been stolen. The bikes must be stored by the university for at least 6 months before they are sold or disposed of. Students who believe that their bikes have been picked up should contact us ( We will check if the bikes are in our storage room. If so, they can be returned for a 20€ fee for transport and storage.


Sandra Meyndt

Photos: Till Westermayer, Sandra Meyndt