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Environmental bonus for energy-efficient appliances


Anyone who hands in an old computer (minimum age 5 years) and at the same time purchases a new, energy-efficient Baden-Württemberg computer will receive a bonus of 60 € per computer. You can apply for the environmental bonus through this form: (Application for environmental bonus).

We also subsidize the replacement of old monitors. Tube monitors or flat screens that are older than 5 years and do not yet contain LED technology will be subsidised with 30 €.

To apply for this subsidy, please use the form (Application for environmental bonus)

An environmental bonus in the form of an investment subsidy from central funds is paid for the purchase of new, highly energy-efficient refrigerators (at least energy efficiency class A, if possible B or C) and the simultaneous disposal of old appliances.


The subsidy is graded as follows:



A  - 150€

B - 100€

C - 50€




Neue Energie Standards


Since March 2021, there is a new label that categorizes energy efficiency from A (best) to G (worst). For example, a refrigerator in class A consumes less than 55% of the reference value, while a refrigerator in the worst class G consumes 150% more. More information on the new efficiency classes and a comparison of appliances can be found here.

If a department has old refrigerators that are, older than 10 years or have a high energy requirement due to a defect, they can be replaced using the environmental bonus. The general prerequisite is that the old appliance is a refrigerator that is still in use.

This premium is also applied for using the following form. (Application for an environmental bonus).

For special refrigerators or cooling devices such as those with explosion-proof design, -80° chests or -80° cabinets, please make a separate request.

Facilities that want to tidy up and possibly reduce the need for refrigeration units by disposing of long stored retain samples or other items that are no longer needed can also contact us. We will check how we can reward this for these individual cases.

If several units are replaced, e.g. renewal of a CIP pool, the premium may be staggered, so please contact us in advance.

The duration of the project is based on our limited budget, applications will be ranked according to the date the application is received. When the budget is used up, this will be announced here on our website.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact: