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Students have WORMderful ideas for waste reduction

Results of the call for ideas on waste reduction in your student everyday life and at the dormitories


A total of 20 great ideas were submitted to the call for ideas on the topic of waste prevention at the university and in the student dormitories. A large proportion of the ideas were related to the student dormitories, but we want to implement many of the solutions at the university as well.

Due to the significantly higher number of submitted ideas, related to the student dormitories compared to the university, five ideas were awarded for topic A and one idea for topic B. The ideas "Kopfsache" and "Kompost  am Campus Technische Fakultät " can be simultaneously implemented at the university.


The winners of the call for ideas are:


Topic A: How to reduce waste at my student dorm?


1st place: Lena Wallstein and Emma Gasafi - Wurmkiste: A WORMderful idea for waste reduction in the student dormitories


2nd place:

- Lara Quaas – Kopfsache (Mental thing)

- Fabian Streib - basic0- reducing waste in residential accommodations (Video and Description)


3rd place:

- Tara Ziegelbauer - Reducing waste in residential accommodation washrooms

- Ina Aufderheide - Compost at the "Campus Technical Faculty”


 Picture: Lara Quaas


Topic B: How to reduce waste at my university?


1st place: Manuel Hoffman - Consistently switching all pulp items at the university to 100% recycled material 


Thank you for all the great ideas and your efforts! We would like to follow up on many of the ideas with you. For this purpose, we are happy to invite you to the workshop this spring:

 Waste fighter png

Workshop with SWFR and the University's Environmental Protection Office:

  • What pilot projects can we start together on bio-waste management in student dormitories and at the university?


More information about it will be provided soon.


In addition, all interested parties are welcome to attend the meetings of the Sustainable University Working Group. In particular, the conversion of all paper items to recycled material will be discussed further at our next digital meeting.  Contact us at if you would like to be at the next meeting to present your ideas and discuss their implementation with us.

And that's not all: SWFR is taking further steps to introduce detergent dispensers in the washrooms of the halls of residence.  We will inform you on our website about the project.


All ideas submitted can be found here where you can also read the jury's evaluation:


All ideas


Konsequentes Umstellen aller Zellstoffartikel auf 100% Recyclingmaterial

The idea: Consistently switch all pulp items to 100% recycled material

What the jury says: This is a good idea, and its further implementation can be discussed in the Sustainable University Working Group. Some initiatives and projects are already in place, but it is not yet fully implemented for all product groups


Wurmkiste: Eine WURMderbareE Idee zur Abfallvermeidung in Wohnheimen

The idea: Turning organic waste into rich soil with a worm composting bin

What the jury says: the idea is great and has the potential to prevent a lot of waste by promoting natural cycles! One challenge, of course, is to feed the worms properly, because junk food is not good for them either. We will discuss waste sorting in the student dormitories and possible pilot composting projects with you in a workshop (see above). à Feel free to contact us if you would like to participate and join the discussion.



The idea: Generate and disseminate knowledge about recycling with innovative event formats.

What the jury says: You can draw very beautifully...! Quizzes, beautiful information boards or information events: How can residents of the student formitories be made more aware of waste sorting? We will think about possible events and inform you about them on the website.


basic0- reducing waste in residential accomodations (Video and Description)

The idea: Collectivise plastic-free shopping among residents with the help of an app.

What the jury says: Great idea with high potential to promote sustainable consumption among students. SWFR agrees to support the development of the app/ ordering system with a financial grant.


Reduzieren von Müll im Waschraum der Wohnheime and Waschmittelbehälter in den Waschräumen

The ideas: Introduce detergent dispensers in the laundry rooms

What the jury says: SWFR will look into the issue further and see what investment and technical adjustments are needed to implement the idea.


Kompost am „Campus Technische Fakultät“

The idea: Introduce a three-compost system at the "Campus Technical Faculty".

What the jury says: Composting organic waste in order to use the substrate for gardening activities makes sense to us. One challenge is to pay attention to the quality of the compost and to maintain it in the long term. We will discuss waste sorting in the student dormitories and possible pilot projects for composting in a workshop (see above). Please contact us if you would like to participate and discuss the idea with us!


Umsonstladen in den Studentenwohnheimen

The idea: Set up a free shop in each of SWFR's student dormitories

What the jury said: As there is a high turnover of residents in the student dormitories and many students want to leave items when they move out, many could benefit from such a free shop. SWFR will follow up on the idea and see where and how the concept can be introduced.


Sharing means Caring

The idea: Set up food sharing shelves in central locations of the student dormitories.

What the jury says: Food waste is unacceptable from both a social and an ecological point of view! Especially because many people live in the student dormitories, there should always be a suitable taker for the last piece of cake or the mispurchased pepper. However, in order to keep the dormitories clean and rat-free, those responsible would have to look after the shelves on a daily basis.



The idea: A central administration, consisting of a volunteer group of students from the dormitory, takes over monthly orders for food in bulk.

What the jury says: The idea is very good and also creates awareness for waste prevention. However, a central order for a hall of residence is organizationally difficult to realize, especially when you think about the payment system, purchase quantity and storage possibilities. However, the idea can be realized very well within a shared flat.


Windelservice für Haus 12 in der StuSie

The idea: A programme that offers students the possibility to use cloth diapers.

What the jury says: The idea is exciting. Unfortunately, it is too expensive to implement given the limited number of potential users. The city of Freiburg is responsible for reducing the cost of living in this area.


Simple but good: Mülltrennungsreklamen!

The idea: Put up educational signs about waste sorting in the student dorms.

What the jury says: The idea is good and should be developed further.


Biotonne & Biotonne Ausführung, Ode an die Biotonne (Poem)

The idea: Introduce organic waste bins in the student dormitories.

What the jury says: As bio bins are a sensible thing, they used to exist in the student dormitories. Unfortunately, incorrect waste sorting behaviour led to (many!) rats moving into the halls of residence. Based on this experience, we would like to think about concepts that lead to better waste sorting in the halls of residence as a first step.


Papiermüll an den Wohnheimen

The idea: Write official complaint emails to avoid advertising in the mailboxes

What the jury says: Students have the possibility to report illegal advertising to the responsible dormitory administrator with a photo of the evidence, then further steps can be taken.


Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot - Call for ideas

The idea: Reducing the amount of shelves in a WG, increase awareness on zero-waste shopping, increase gardening and composting activities in the dorms.

What the jury says: Many good ideas that we would like to take up in our planned workshop.


Support your locals!

The idea: Avoid waste by cooperating with local markets/vendors.

What the jury says: Local consumption is often a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. In Freiburg, there are already several initiatives that bring consumers together with regional suppliers.


D.I.Y. - Decompost it yourself! Wohnheimgärten mit Kompost  und Weggeworfenes Gold

The ideas: Build composts in the student dormitories and enable composting and gardening at the student dorms

What the jury says: The SwFr would like to check where beds can be expanded by next early summer. We will then be happy to publish new information on the homepage.