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The University of Freiburg receives the MobilSiegel for sustainable mobility

MobilSiegelThe University of Freiburg was awarded with the mobility seal "MobilSiegel" for sustainable mobility. The MobilSiegel is awarded for the first time this year by the Freiburg Transport Group ( VAG) on behalf of the city of Freiburg and in cooperation with the districts of Emmendingen and Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald. This seal is awarded to companies and institutions that are committed to sustainable mobility and actively support their employees in going to work in an environmentally-friendly manner. As such, the seal is a continuation of the former eco-transport seal of the working group Environmentally Friendly to Work (AG Umweltfreundlich zum Betrieb) with which the University of Freiburg was awarded several times in the past, before the award was given for the last time in 2013.

The MobilSiegel is awarded in three different grades, with three, four or five leaves, depending on the implemented sustainability measures. The University of Freiburg was awarded with four leaves and will strive to further promote a more climate-friendly mobility . The award ceremony took place on Thursday, September 16, with the Mayor of Freiburg Martin Horn handing over the certificate to the companies in the Freiburg district. The Vice Chancellor of the university Walter Willaredt and the Sustainability Manager Lora Gyuzeleva attended the award ceremony and were presented with the trophy, which was made from discarded rail parts.


Vergabefeier MobilSiegel

Bild: Patrick Seeger