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Waste fighter pngCall for ideas "How can we reduce waste at the university?"

As part of the European Week for Waste Reduction we would like to invite you, students in Freiburg, to develop and share your ideas on waste reduction in your student everyday life and at the dormitories. Without doubt, you are the local experts and know better than anyone else where waste is generated at the university and how we can limit it together.

Our goal is to award prizes to the best proposals and implement these ideas at the university or in the student dormitories. You can send us your proposals and ideas until the 29.11.2020.

More information, here!



Umweltbericht 2018/2019The environmental report of the University of Freiburg is here!


With this environmental report we are disclosing more precise data and a partial carbon footprint for the year 2018. Both the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions caused by the university's energy consumption (Scopes 1 and 2) and an extrapolation of other indirect emissions caused by business trips (Scope 3) are published.


The state and goals of our environmental protection and sustainability efforts are to be made more comprehensible, transparent and assessable for the public through an annual environmental report and a three-year sustainability report.



The Environmental Guidelines from 2007 were updated in 2020.


Climate protection was included as a new important goal.  In these guidelines, the university commits itself to regular environmental and sustainability reports.





First Bike-boxes for E-bikes at the university

Since September 2019 the first bike boxes at the university were electrified, so that employees can easily charge their E-bikes.

Seit September sind die ersten Fahrradboxen an der Universität elektrifiziert, so dass Mitarbeitende ihre E-Bikes aufladen können.